Officer Position Details

Here is a brief description of each department and what the officer positions in each department entail:

Working with the VP's of Marketing and the Chief Outreach Officer to spread the word about DukeVCC. This is perhaps the most exciting part of such a nascent club. You will be involved in creating innovative designs for posters, t-shirts, event marketing among others. 

Working with the President and the Chief Outreach Officer to ensure that events are run smoothly, they are organized well, and being the face of Duke VCC.

Such a nascent club requires extremely capable hands to manage funds. This position will involve extensive collaboration with the Chief Financial Officer.

This position is perhaps one of the most crucial positions at DukeVCC. Here you will be involved in organizing and executing the Duke Undergraduate Venture Capital Investment Competition.

In this department you will work with the Chief Strategy Officers to plan and form the future of the DukeVCC. It requires creative skill and also the ability to work hard.