What is DukeVCC?

Duke Venture Capital Club Mission Statement:
The Duke Venture Capital Club promotes undergraduate awareness about venture capital. We seek budding entrepreneurs as well as students who are looking for venture capital as their core career.

Traditionally, Duke undergraduates have held interests in investment banking and consulting.  With the changing scope of entrepreneurship at Duke, as well as the increasing presence of the Duke Start-Up Challenge, students have begun showing more and more interest in start-ups. However, Duke undergraduates have had limited exposure to venture capital and its many facets.

Venture capital is an intrinsic part of entrepreneurship. The main aim of the Duke Venture Capital Club is to inform and inspire members about various opportunities within the growing venture capital industry. We look to inspire and educate by hosting a guest lecture series, the speakers at which consist of esteemed and distinguished venture capitalists.  

In April we also hold the Duke Venture Capital Investment Competition (DuVCIC), where student-led teams compete in an intensive hands-on VC experience as they evaluate early stage start-up companies from the local triangle research area. The event is judged by venture capital professionals and presents an exciting and enriching opportunity for all those involved.

For a brief PowerPoint over-view of our club, take a look here.